Research & Development

Research and Development
Quality by Design (QbD) has been engraved in every component of QbD Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd starting from but not limited to Research and Development (R&D) itself. The goal of pharmaceutical development activities is “to design a product and its manufacturing process to consistently deliver the intended performance and meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals, and regulatory authorities and internal customers’ requirements”. Our qualified and experienced R&D team conducts development activitiesin well classified facilities to make sure that the commercial manufacturing processes deliver intended quality to the products for our consumers by following life cycle concept of QbD. Following are the few of the characteristics of our R&D activities:

  • Replication of the commercial manufacturing facility
  • Miniature Replica R&D machines ensuring replication of the processes
  • Well designed and classified facility with qualified and validated HVAC system, Modular panel, light fixtures, Epoxy flooring, Clean room doors
  • Class 100000 manufacturing facility & Class 100 dispensing area
  • Forced Degradation Studies to understand the possible environmental factors that could affect our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (APIs)
  • API-Excipients compatibility studies before choosing excipients to be used in formulation development
  • Hold time Studies
  • Development of Technology Transfer documents before scaling up for commercial production