Brief Overview
  • Manufacturing Plant is located at Sanga, Banepa
  • Year of inception : 2017
  • Started R&D activity in October 2018
  • Officially Launched products from January 2020.
  • Total land : 55000 Sq ft
  • Ground Floor : 14700 sq ft
  • Overall Building area: 35000 sq ft
Manufacturing Facility
QbD Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd has a ‘State-of-Art’pragmatically designed facility based on EU-GMP requirements with“State of Continual repair” which is necessary to continually comply with ever changing and stringier requirements in pharmaceutical industries.QbD aspires to break the conventional barrier of boundaries to foray into newer markets for Nepalese pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturing activities are carried out in production area spreading in over 14700 square feet with powder coated cleanroom panel partitions and epoxy flooring. Any sorts of contaminations or cross contaminations are prevented by pressure cascade being attained by qualified and validated Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Every equipment and instrument are qualified/validated and has been carefully selected based on pre-generated User Requirement Specifications (URS). Use of validated manufacturing process using materials received from validated vendor following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) while performing regular in process checks using Four-Eye Concept ensures that products are of required quality.

  • State – of - Art facility based on EU GMP Requirements
  • Separate AHU for every processing rooms
  • Powder coated PUF modular panels & doors
  • Epoxy Flooring & Covings
  • Pressure Cascade & Laminar Airflow principle
  • Class 100000 manufacturing facility & Class 100 dispensing area
  • Remote based Light system committed for product stability
  • Machineries with complete Validation & qualifications
  • Spare area for dedicated production module